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Holistic (Swedish) Massage



The term 'holistic' means to treat the whole person - mind, body and spirit.

This is achieved by looking at that person's lifestyle and responsibilities, as our emotions

can affect the tension felt in our bodies.



Factors that cause stress in our everyday lives include:

• work or family problems • health problems • financial worry

• insomnia • poor quality diet • juggling daily responsibilities 

These, in turn, can produce physical effects


Holistic Massage can be used to improve:

• relaxation skin and muscle tone • stiffness in joints

• headaches • lymphatic drainage • and more

mobile holistic massage

Deep Tissue Massage

 A deep tissue massage uses more firm pressure and is designed for more general

relaxation that leaves muscles feeling thoroughly loosened up.


This full body massage, if carried out regularly, can maintain flexibility and prevent the onset of painful symptoms of tight muscles by keeping them in good condition. 



Initial appointments for male clients are accepted at the Odiham Health Centre only

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